Top 5 Reasons Why A Flash Website Is Bad For Business

badforbizAround the 1990s, most websites were pretty static. Web designers had to manage with JavaScript in its infantile stage and basic HTML/CSS. The websites looked as though the company’s catalog has been transferred to the website. Around 1996, website developers started using Macromedia Flash as it offered something different. Flash helped to make the content more dynamic and visually engaging.

Website designing is a different ballgame today with over 1,000 screen sizes, war between Apple and Android products and mature users who are after functionality. These modern day users know what good usability means and they will not hesitate to leave a website within a fraction of a second if it does not add value. Here are the top 5 reasons as to why it is bad to have a Flash website for your business and also how you can fix it.

#1 Google may not rank your website.

Undoubtedly, Google is the most active and biggest search engine. It is estimated that the search engine is used for over 80% of daily searches carried out globally. As Google cannot read the contents of a Flash website, it becomes difficult for the Googlebot to understand the images, text and videos of your website.

#2 Apple’s products cannot read Flash.

Rumors of disagreements and arguments between Apple and Adobe, creators of Flash, have been doing the rounds for a long time now. In general, Apple products do not run websites that are made using Flash. Therefore, your Flash website will be limited to 50 percent of today’s Website users.

#3 Adobe no longer develops or updates Flash.

Adobe announced in 2011 that they would stop supporting Flash on mobile platforms and Android devices.  Therefore, if Adobe the maker of Flash is  throwing  the towel, that brings a red flag and important reason to move away from it as fast as you can.

#4 It is difficult to find website developers capable of managing Flash websites.

Developers always think of the future. They will prefer to work with languages that are more futuristic when it comes to website development.

#5 HTML5 is here to stay.

Website designing has been transformed a great deal with the introduction of HTML5. With HTML5 it is now possible to design visual engaging website, integrate well with JavaScript and work on any browser or device (including Iphone and Ipad) . This is because HTML5 is the most agreed-upon language in the history of the website development industry.

If you have a Flash website, then you must consider converting and optimizing it for HTML5/WordPress/Mobile with the help of a professional designer and make it future proof.

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