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Multiclick Media beautifully designed websites attracts more leads and allow you to build trust online in any device.


Easy Navigation

The navigation bar, phone number, address, email and quote button stay fixed on top so they’re always visible. Making it easy to navigate and get your clients to contact you.

Always on contact form.

Show off your brand’s logo, contact form and more site-wide. Make it easy for your clients to contact you.

Clear call-to-action.

Make your call-to-action large, clear. Your users should have it very easy to understand what areas of law you practice, in what city and how to contact you. Call-to-Action forms, Phone, email etc.. should always be site-wide and clear.

Testimonials and Reviews.

Trust is a major factor in generating leads, so bragging your latest achievements, cases and clients testimonials/reviews are key to generating new leads.

Law Practice Areas

Each service your law firm offers should be listed on its own individual page. This will give the user a clear explanation of your service and examples of how you can help.

One Attorney = One page

Each Attorney in your law office should be listed on its own individual page. This will help Search engines find and organize each page appropriately. Your user also benefit from reading specific knowledge, areas of specialization and past experiences of each of the attorneys in your law practice.

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