5 reasons why having a Responsive website design is great for small business.


Responsive web design is all about making sites attractive and user friendly in different devices. This is important because most people today are accessing the internet via mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets which have different screen sizes. Although many organizations have made efforts to make their sites responsive, small businesses are still lagging behind. According to the latest statistics, 98% of all small business websites aren’t optimized for mobile devices. This creates great concerns simply because  visitors return to websites based on usability and attractiveness.

Most small business sites look good on desktop computers. The story is however different when the same sites are accessed via mobile devices. Small business sites are also lagging behind in terms of attracting customers and communicating the core values of brands, products and services. Responsive web design has the answers to these two major problems. Below are 5 reasons why responsive web design can save your small business website strategy.

#1 It doesn’t hurt your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

Responsive Web Design provides website visitors with optimal viewing experiences across all devices. Google even goes as far as recommending webmasters to design websites responsively. RWD doesn’t therefore hurt SEO because it doesn’t affect link structure.

#2 Responsive Web Design doesn’t require additional website maintenance.

Contrary to popular belief, RWD doesn’t attract any additional maintenance costs. This is simply because you will still have one website which shrinks or expands automatically depending on the device one uses to access the site. You just need to make changes once.

#3 Responsive Web Design is a permanent solution.

Because a website is designed to be responsive, you don’t need to worry about new devices that may come up in the future. RWD layouts aren’t fixed for specific platforms or screen sizes. They are adaptable to any kind of device now and in the future.

#4 You can keep your website design.

Responsive website design only calls for a change in code in case you want to keep the original design. You just need to hire a professional website developer who will incorporate the latest code for you like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript which supports the latest devices and multimedia.

#5 Mobile eCommerce is the future.

From the above statistics, it is clear that mobile devices hold the future of e-commerce.  All e-commerce buying experiences can be mobile optimized including shopping carts, payments, shippings, store locations  to allow mobile visitors to buy goods and services from their mobile devices. Responsive Web Design obviously holds the future.

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