5 Things Every Restaurant Should Know About Website Strategy

5tipsforrestaurantwebsiteTo ensure a steady flow of customers coming through the front door restaurants need a website marketing strategy that meets the need of today’s online environment. After all, most customers discover new restaurants on the internet. Below you can learn 5 things every restaurnat should know to develop a digital marketing strategy that will ensure your restaurant website is customer friendly and easy to find.


#1 Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices.

Your website may look great on a desktop or laptop, but have you looked at it on a tablet or a smart phone screen? If you haven’t optimized for mobile, then chances are the results aren’t pretty. Optimizing your restaurants website for mobile devices is vital because an increasing number of your customer’s are searching and finding your website using their phone or tablet. That means that all of the most important elements of your website need to be mobile friendly. That includes the home page, menu, reservations, image galleries, events, locations and contact information. The good news is that you don’t need to build a new mobile website, the latest design trend to make sure your website look great on mobile devices is Responsive Website Design. Using RWD your website will shrink or expand depending on the device your user are using to find you .

#2 Flash Is Dead.

For restaurant websites flash is dead. There are many different reasons not to use flash for your website. Firstly, Apple devices can’t read them which eliminates a large amount of your customer base. Secondly, Google won’t rank your website as highly because they can’t read what is inside of Flash sites. Thirdly, very few developers will work with Flash so it can be very difficult to update your website. And lastly, Adobe isn’t even updating Flash anymore!

#3 Get Rid Of The PDF Menu.

Google is one of the most common ways your customer’s will find your website. But, if they are looking for your menu and it is in PDF then Google won’t be able to see it nor rank it for search engine results. What’s worse mobile phones also struggle to display PDFs.

#4 Work With The Right Content Management System.

With the right content management system in place you can easily add and edit content on your website. WordPress is the world’s largest open source content management system. Not only is it easy to use, it is also highly flexible. Using WordPress you can add new pages, videos, blog posts, menu items, testimonials, social media platforms, new events and images to your website without having to know how to write a line of computer code.

#5 Social media and Delivery platforms integrations.

Finally, make sure that your restaurant website is taking full advantage of the social platforms and online services that are available. Restaurant food online delivery platforms such as grubhub.com & delivery.com provide an added ordering channel and attract more visitors. Integrating with popular social media sites will make it easier for your customer’s to share images, dishes and your location with their friends and family. With a little smart restaurant marketing you can get invaluable word of mouth advertising and keep the house packed every night of the week.

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